Reservations – Are the politicians serious about welfare of the backward caste?

Reservations and Indian Politicians

I would not like to get into the discussion whether reservation is good or bad for the Indian society but the question I would like to ask is…. Are the Indian politicains serious about the welfare of the backward caste?

In my opinion NO.

The situation would have been a lot different if they really had been serious in the last 59 years of indpendence. What they really care about is the votes. If they really care about the BCs then in addition to providing reservation in educational institutions and jobs they should also advocates reservations in the following areas as well.

  • Parliaments – 50% of the seats should be reserved for SC/ST/OBCs
  • Assemblies
  • Panchayats
  • Municipalities
  • Every other public body.

Representation of the backward castes in these places will definitely provide them the power and the means to uplift the community to which they belong.

Also analogous to the promotion of SC/ST/OBCs in the jobs, there should be 50% of ministries reserved for the backward castes. This will also ensure proper representation of BCs in the power holding positions.

But I see no politician advocating that. Why? Because it directly affects their power base. Their chances of coming back to power will be greatly reduced once this is implemented. All those politicians in my view are hypocrites. This idea has not been even mooted once! Maybe it has been but very quickly suppressed. Who knows!

I once again repeat, I do not know if reservations are good or bad but if the government decides that reservation is the means to uplift the backward caste then they should provide reservation in the political sphere as well.

Once the politicians implement these policies or at least talk about it openly only then I can get convinced about the sincerety of their effort. Untill then to me it is all a political gimmick to fool the common people.

Any Arjun Singhs voting for that?

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