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Should we identify ourselves with our caste?

There is a discussion at The Other India that I have been a part of and some interesting points stand out from the whole discussion. I wish to ponder about one point made by suresh about losing your identity based on caste. While I agree that it is nobody’s business to tell anybody how to […]

August 29, 2006 · Ajit · 9 Comments
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The Kashmir problem in India is a very old problem and can be considered the cause of terrorism in India. Sujai Karampuri has written a series of posts about his solution to Kashmir. Here are his posts I II III and IV. He also reasons why the Indians have somehow silently turned towards supporting Israel […]

August 28, 2006 · Ajit · 5 Comments
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Save Nirali

Nirali is suffering from a rare type of Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia and needs a marrow transplant to be treated. She needs a bone marrow donation from a Indian/South Asian donor. Since Indians are a minority race in USA, in the national marrow registry, there aren’t as many Indians registered and as a result, the possibility […]

August 23, 2006 · Ajit · 4 Comments
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Untouchability in Nepal? Shocking!!!

This article came as a shocker to me. Didn’t know Nepal had the same evil caste system as India. Some of the highlights of the article are: 1. Public Taps for so called ‘upper caste people’ throughout the village, Dalits forced to fetch drinking water from river 2. Dalit women trashed for touching a public […]

August 22, 2006 · Ajit · One Comment
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Myth Of the “Myth Of Merit” – Reservation Context

A lot of emminent bloggers have blogged about the “myth of merit”. This attitude towards meritrocracy has emerged after the announcement of 27% reservations for OBCs in the “elite institutions” by HRD minister Arjun Singh. The current criterion of merit has been ridiculed over and over to emphasize that “merit” as we see it is […]

August 21, 2006 · Ajit · 2 Comments
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Reservation Issue Summarised in Pratab Bhanu Mehta’s Resignation

I came accross this at Zoo Station. This is the letter of resignation from Pratap Bhanu Mehta, the member-convener of the National Knowledge Commission. I write to resign as Member-Convener of the National Knowledge Commission. I believe the Commission’s mandate is extremely important, and I am deeply grateful that you gave me the opportunity to […]

August 12, 2006 · Ajit · One Comment
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The Flip Side Of Creamy Layer

There are lot of people out there screaming to implement the creamy layer for the proposed quota bill. What that means that the OBCs belonging to creamy layer should not be considered eligible for quota benefits. There are an equal number of people who claim that the creamy layer criteria should not be implemented. In […]

August 9, 2006 · Ajit · 8 Comments
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