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Another Death Penalty

Sify Reports The Delhi High Court has awarded death to Santosh Kumar Singh, the man convicted for raping and murdering Priyadarshini Mattoo, a 23-year-old law student 11 years ago. Earlier, the CBI pressed for death penalty before the Delhi High Court for Singh, convicted for committing rape and murder of Mattoo. As I have argued […]

October 30, 2006 · Ajit · 2 Comments
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Creamy Layer…What about them?

Ever Since the Supreme Court made the decision about Creamy Layer from SC/ST being excluded from the purview of benefits of reservation, Creamy layer is doing its round of news and analysis. To understand what and who is a creamy layer go here. Seems like almost all the political parties are united in their stand […]

October 24, 2006 · Ajit · 19 Comments
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Check for Rs 3.00 as Diwali Gift? F***ing Ridiculous

IBN Live reports. Says a farmer, Munna, “We’ll not celebrate Diwali. No one will light candles or diyas and there is no food. People are dying of hunger here.” The meagre compensation these farmers have received for the drought situation they have been facing since 2003 has robbed them of all sparkle this festive season. […]

October 20, 2006 · Ajit · 5 Comments
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Embrace Our Culture Or Leave…Is That What It Is?

Europe, the center of secularism and multiculturalism, is going through interesting times. Confused has a very interesting post about Europe and Islam. There is no doubt that Europe is growing increasingly frustrated with its Muslim minorities. This is no longer confined to people on the far right, but the political and intellectual mainstream, the likes […]

October 19, 2006 · Ajit · 44 Comments
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Got Rs. 100?…Hire a Child bomber!!!

On one hand we are passing laws to ban child labor in India and on the other hand organizations like ULFA are using these kids to throw bombs. All it needs is Rs 100 and they have kid ready to do the dirty job. What does the kid know after all? First it was LTTE […]

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Something Good From Accross The Border. has an article about desecration of a Hindu temple. We have come to think of Pakistan as a place from where no good can come out but it was heartening to see the pakistanis raising their voices to protect the temple and respect minority snsitivities. Religious intolerance must never be tolerated. To be silent […]

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Wierd! – Malaysian Muslims warned over greeting Hindus

Sify News reports Kuala Lumpur: The head of Malaysia’s Shariat Department has asked Muslims in the country not to greet Hindus a Happy Diwali, a directive the government distanced itself from saying it is a narrow interpretation of Islam. Fauzi Mustaffar, head of Shariah department, in an email directive to office staff has said that […]

October 17, 2006 · Ajit · 10 Comments
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I am Dalit. How are you?

Link Via Shivam Most people won’t believe this unless they see it with their own eyes. This video made me sad.

October 13, 2006 · Ajit · 39 Comments
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Help Aditya Kumar

Help patient Aditya Kumar Aditya (Age 4), is suffering from ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a form of Blood Cancer). He was diagnosed with ALL in Feb 2004 and underwent the treatment as per the standard protocol. He fully recovered and was doing fine, leading a normal life. Unfortunately the disease relapsed last month leading to […]

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Ek Machchar Aadmi ko…

If you want to control the terrorists first control the mosquitoes (machchar). BihariBabuKahin has a nice post on it. For those who can read Hindi, it’s a great read. बहरहाल, हमको तो ई लगता है कि सरकार बेकारे आतंकवाद से लड़ने पर संसाधन लुटा रही है। हमरे खयाल से सरकार को बजाय आतंकवाद से सीधे […]

October 12, 2006 · Ajit · One Comment
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