Why Mayawati as CM could be a good thing…

The recent elections in UP have had the results that could be good for UP in more ways than one.

The first and foremost that there is no hung assembly in UP. Thus providing a chance to focus on other things than just survival politics that had become the headache of every party in power.I hope that BSP makes use of this opportunity to get some development work started and I mean not only at basic level but also some ambitious projects especially regarding electricity, water and roads.

Secondly, this election has proved to be a setback for divisive politics . BSP has demonstrated how the future belongs to those who work with an all inclusive attitude. Now all that the BSP needs to do is show a slight sign of good governance and deliver to an extent on their promises. They can then ensure themselves another term at the help of the affairs and possibly pave the road to Delhi.

Third and most important is the hope and dignity that the election brings to millions of Dalits in the country and UP in particular. Mayawati symbolizes the breaking of upper caste monopoly over power. This election is an important landmark and will go a long way in boosting the Dalit morale. Dalits all over the country can now stand with the belief that Yes it can happen. The lesson that they should learn from this is that they should follow what BabaSaheb told them i.e. Educate, Struggle and Unite. The recent decision by Mayawati to give reservations to poor among the upper caste is an amazing step. It wasn’t long ago when Kanshi Ram said the same thing. He was against reservations for Dalits. He believed that the Dalits should be in power and give reservations to upper caste. It is about time that the Dalit community tasted power. It remains to be seen that they taste the fruits of power as well.

So far Mayawati has shown great political acumen in reaching where she is today but there are a few things that might have to change in the years to come. For one there is no other leader in BSP other than her. There is no second generation leadership. She needs to groom the second generation leadership. She also would have to mend her autocratic ways to be more successful at the higher level.

All in all I am very hopeful that this is the beginning of a change in UP and the relationship of dalits to power.

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  2. Sandeep Shilawat - June 11, 2007

    Hope…. Thats what it comes down to. Isn’t it? The kind of political tremor Mayawati pulled off in UP is one of its kind in last 50 odd years post-independance Indian polity.

    I am not sure it so much about getting away from divisve politics. By saying that you are raising bar for UP politics. I am not so sure we are there yet.

    Dignity, you mention ! Well, I don’t want to be sarcastic but there is nothing dignified about politics if there are Gundas ruling.

    Mayawati being CM is a new experiment. Is it for good or a flash in the pan, that remains to be seen.

    Your post, brings about very optimistic side of Indians. You end your post on hope. Hope is about faith but logic does not support you very well on this one. Good luck !

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