Shameful Police and Public


Watching this incident make my heart churn. I have witnessed such incident before as well, where a thief has been brutally beaten by the public. I don’t understand why he needs to be beaten to death when he has been overpowered and his hands tied behind his back?

And what about the police? Are they human? How can they even think of such brutality? I thought these things could happen only in the medieval ages or the colonial era. But I was wrong! They happen even now. These policemen need to be put behind bars. And those who are in the video beating the man should be charged and tried.

The bigger problem it highlights is that there is no regard for human life and dignity in India. Life is cheap there.

Sujai has drawn an analogy between this incident and Rang De Basanti. I think to an extent he is justified in doing so. What is not justified is people making it out to be a Muslim/minority issue.

The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) on Wednesday, sought a report from the Bihar government on the police beating of a Muslim man in Bhagalpur.

What is next? “A Hindu mob brutally beats up a hapless Muslim”? This is idiotic!

The NHRC has taken issue with the authorities but how far will it be effective in getting the police behind bars, only time will tell.

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