Pink Chaddi Campaign – Reactions.

When the Pink Chaddi Campaign organizer started the campaign to protest the Ram Sene’s moral policing on the Valentine’s day, varied reactions were expected. Some support this, some are amused and some oppose it.

The immediate precursor to this was the Mangalore incident were Ram Sene activists beat up women in the pub to protect the ‘Indian Culture’.

Now there are many critiques on the Pink Chaddi Campaign (PCC) but most of it are bogus. Here are a few.

Don’t they have bigger issues to deal with?

Who is it to decide what is bigger issue? Also, can someone not take up a smaller issue because they are not taking up a “bigger” issue? In my view this is a big issue as it involves the issue of Freedom.

They should also send pink burkas to the terrorists as well.

What the PCC guys are doing are in response to an action from Ram Sene activists. What does that have to do with terrorism? Do the PCC guys have to repond to terrorism in order to be eligible to respond to Muthalik and his Ram Sene?

They are equating pub-culture and being loose with being forward or modern (link via Sandeep).

The PCC guys have put this name because that is the name assigned to them by the moral police and socially conservatives. It is in fact these guys who equate being forward or modern with being loose. The PCC guys have just used the name that have been already given to them.

Why can’t they spend the money to help the poor instead of wasting it on underwear?

For those who seek equivalence in everything- why don’t you ask the same to Ram Sene guys about spending their energies in something constructive. Or ask the Pink Condom Campaign guys the same. Or even Muthalik who is willing to waste money on Sarees as return gifts?

I think it is important to address the core issue instead of getting caught up with the side issues. As Amit Varma rightly gets it – It is not about the Chaddis. It is about freedom to choose be it choice of a lifestyle or even Mathalik’s freedom to protest Valentine’s day. Mathalik is free to protest as long as he is doing so peacefully.

Realty Check has some suggestions for Mr Muthalik in tackling the PCC guys but leaving that aside he points to the part of the problem. He does tie everything to the social justice programmes and in a way he is not off the mark. That is a broader issue that we need to address anyway.

But No matter how you put it but even if others are paying a price for living in a socialist country, it doesn’t mean one should not raise a voice against it.

The Pink Chaddi has grabbed everyone’s attention because of which I think it has been effective in highlighting the issue that they have been trying to address.

February 13, 2009 · Ajit · 2 Comments
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  1. Deden - February 23, 2009

    i like ur blog! But how come u keep referring to the PCC as “PCC Guys”
    The PCC folks/ppl would be more polite and gender neutral dont u think

  2. Ajit - February 23, 2009



    I guess PCC folks would have been better but I guess the usage of “Guys” these days is accepted to be Gender Neutral. has this to say about the usage of guys

    1   /gaɪ/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [gahy] Show IPA Pronunciation
    noun, verb, guyed, guy⋅ing.
    1. Informal. a man or boy; fellow: He’s a nice guy.
    2. Usually, guys. Informal. persons of either sex; people: Could one of you guys help me with this?
    3. Chiefly British Slang. a grotesquely dressed person.
    4. (often initial capital letter) British. a grotesque effigy of Guy Fawkes that is paraded through the streets and burned on Guy Fawkes Day.
    –verb (used with object)
    5. to jeer at or make fun of; ridicule.
    6. give the guy to, British Slang. to escape from (someone); give (someone) the slip.

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