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Few students of my alma-mater have come with an innovative idea to charge electronics gadget. And that idea is very simple and yet powerful.

All charged up: L-R Shachi Pande, Rushikesh Pande, Isha Nag, Tejas Narsimhan , Aditya Nanavaty and Sarvesh Patil
Now your regular 20-minute morning walk can also help in recharging your cellphone battery. Don’t miss a step. It’s true! A team of six students from College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) has made this possible for those who are always on the run.

Isha Nag, Aditya Nanavaty, Rushikesh Pande, Shachi Pande (all third-year production engineering students) and Sarvesh Patil, Tejas Narasimhan (second year students from the same stream) teamed up for the venture.

The portable walk-in charger that they have made works on energy produced while you walk and within 20 minutes your cellphone battery could get fully charged.



Dynamo: Captures the rhythmic movement of both legs and turns it into a rotary motion
Retractable string: Can be pulled out from the device to connect both legs
Circuit: Attached to a rechargable battery that gets charged when you walk


A single pencil cell costs about Rs. 7. A walk ‘n’ charge device would generate as much energy as a AA battery in 21 minutes. If it is used for one hour daily, it would recover its cost in less than 12 days
A 20 minute walk charges your cell phone for a day’s usage.
It can fit in your pocket
Not only mobile but could be used to charge other electronic devices such as i-pods, PMPs, GPS devices, Digital cameras
The spring has a guarantee of eight years!

This device got them the first prize and got them the first prize. Now the students have applied patent for it. I think this is wonderful. Congratulations to all involved and best of luck.

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  1. Nikhil - May 16, 2009

    Sir..can u please give any info about the circuit….or any reference links for this?

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    Hey this is a great post . Can I use a portion of it on my site ? I would obviously link back to your page so people could view the complete post if they wanted to. Thanks either way.

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