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Another Death Penalty

Sify Reports The Delhi High Court has awarded death to Santosh Kumar Singh, the man convicted for raping and murdering Priyadarshini Mattoo, a 23-year-old law student 11 years ago. Earlier, the CBI pressed for death penalty before the Delhi High Court for Singh, convicted for committing rape and murder of Mattoo. As I have argued […]

October 30, 2006 · Ajit · 2 Comments
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Capital Punishment & Dhananjoy

Anoop Saha revisits the Dhananjoy Chatterjee case after two years since his execution on 14th August 2004. He goes on to disprove every argument that led to his killing… Two years later, I want to prove wrong, each and every argument that led to his killing, in a situation that is not very different from […]

October 10, 2006 · Ajit · One Comment
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Afzal and the “Hanging” Dilemma

The sentence to hang Mohammed Afzal has once again brought to fore about the relevance of capital punishment. I think that the capital punishment has no place in a civilized world. I agree with what this Indian Muslim has to say. It is not a point of contention whether Afzal guru is guilty or not. […]

October 7, 2006 · Ajit · 36 Comments
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