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If This Is Not Slavery, What Is?

Times Of India reports Seven Dalits — Bideshi Nayak, Ramachandra, Sudama, Nilakantha, Sakhi, Sanju and Puspalata Nayak — were ostracised from Goruala village near Puri for refusing to beat drums in a temple — a practice that their forefathers had been doing for ages. Though about three months have passed since they were ostracised, there […]

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It’s turn of upper caste to suffer

IBN reports While Salve had strong opposition to the Central Educational Institution (Reservation for Admission) Act, 2006, senior advocate K Parasaran, appearing for the Tamil Nadu Government said: “They (upper caste) dominated for centuries and now they should suffer.” Is that the idea behind reservations? Retribution? Dumb advocate doesn’t know why reservations are there in […]

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The Rajasthan Story Of Caste Politics.

What is happening in Rajasthan is pretty shameful but not unexpected. The Gurjars have come out on the streets and their demand is that their OBC status be changed to ST. The protests have turned violent and as usual loss of life and public property follows. This includes pelting stone, burning police stations, road blocs […]

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Why Mayawati as CM could be a good thing…

The recent elections in UP have had the results that could be good for UP in more ways than one. The first and foremost that there is no hung assembly in UP. Thus providing a chance to focus on other things than just survival politics that had become the headache of every party in power.I […]

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Reservations based on a Deprivation Certificate and a Deprivation Score

One of the comments on this post is the basis of this post. Since the announcement of reservations for OBCs by the HRD ministry in last May, we have seen lot of ideas/discussions from either side of the reservation debate. Out of all this I have been trying to think how and if can caste […]

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Untouchability is Aparthied

Recently Manmohan singh compared Untouchability to aparthied. Seeking to make a distinction between the problems faced by Dalits in India and those faced by minorities in all societies, Singh said the dalits faced a unique discrimination with Apartheid being the only parallel to untouchability. “Even after 60 years of Constitutional and legal protection and support, […]

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Khairlanji Massacre

Shivam has the entire story of the Khairlanji Massacre. Surekha and Priyanka were stripped, paraded naked, beaten black and blue with bicycle chains, axes and bullock cart pokers. They were publicly gang raped until they died. Some raped them even after that, and finally, sticks and rods were shoved into their genitals. In the meantime, […]

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Creamy Layer…What about them?

Ever Since the Supreme Court made the decision about Creamy Layer from SC/ST being excluded from the purview of benefits of reservation, Creamy layer is doing its round of news and analysis. To understand what and who is a creamy layer go here. Seems like almost all the political parties are united in their stand […]

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I am Dalit. How are you?

Link Via Shivam Most people won’t believe this unless they see it with their own eyes. This video made me sad.

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Should we identify ourselves with our caste?

There is a discussion at The Other India that I have been a part of and some interesting points stand out from the whole discussion. I wish to ponder about one point made by suresh about losing your identity based on caste. While I agree that it is nobody’s business to tell anybody how to […]

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