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If you don’t like it here…then go back

The world is becoming more and more intolerant and the leaders stupid by the day. Lot of Hindu Indians tell the muslims that if you don’t like in India then go to Pakistan but if somethings happens to Indians like the Shilpa Shetty episode we cry racism and how the other countries should change to […]

January 25, 2007 · Ajit · 5 Comments
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Is this the first time?

Is this the first time that a politician in India is convicted? Shibu Soren was today held guilty of involvement in the killing of his private secretary Shashi Nath Jha 12 years ago by a Delhi court in the first such conviction of a Union Minister in a murder case. Shortly after the verdict, Prime […]

November 28, 2006 · Ajit · 8 Comments
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