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The Rajasthan Story Of Caste Politics.

What is happening in Rajasthan is pretty shameful but not unexpected. The Gurjars have come out on the streets and their demand is that their OBC status be changed to ST. The protests have turned violent and as usual loss of life and public property follows. This includes pelting stone, burning police stations, road blocs […]

May 31, 2007 · Ajit · 19 Comments
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Reservations based on a Deprivation Certificate and a Deprivation Score

One of the comments on this post is the basis of this post. Since the announcement of reservations for OBCs by the HRD ministry in last May, we have seen lot of ideas/discussions from either side of the reservation debate. Out of all this I have been trying to think how and if can caste […]

May 14, 2007 · Ajit · 11 Comments
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OBC Reservations – Supreme Court Verdict

The Supreme court has stayed the implementation of the OBC reservation in its current form. The Court ruled that the 1931 census could not be a determinative factor for identifying the OBCs for the purpose of providing reservation. I personally see this as being a good thing in the light of the recent developments. This […]

March 30, 2007 · Ajit · 22 Comments
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Creamy Layer Update

Hindu reports In probably the first acceptance of the creamy layer concept by the political establishment, a Parliamentary Committee has recommended preference in reservation for the non-creamy layer of OBC candidates in government-aided institutions of higher learning. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on HRD has recommended that the “first instance reservation should be given to the […]

December 3, 2006 · Ajit · 26 Comments
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Creamy Layer…What about them?

Ever Since the Supreme Court made the decision about Creamy Layer from SC/ST being excluded from the purview of benefits of reservation, Creamy layer is doing its round of news and analysis. To understand what and who is a creamy layer go here. Seems like almost all the political parties are united in their stand […]

October 24, 2006 · Ajit · 19 Comments
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Myth Of the “Myth Of Merit” – Reservation Context

A lot of emminent bloggers have blogged about the “myth of merit”. This attitude towards meritrocracy has emerged after the announcement of 27% reservations for OBCs in the “elite institutions” by HRD minister Arjun Singh. The current criterion of merit has been ridiculed over and over to emphasize that “merit” as we see it is […]

August 21, 2006 · Ajit · 2 Comments
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Reservation Issue Summarised in Pratab Bhanu Mehta’s Resignation

I came accross this at Zoo Station. This is the letter of resignation from Pratap Bhanu Mehta, the member-convener of the National Knowledge Commission. I write to resign as Member-Convener of the National Knowledge Commission. I believe the Commission’s mandate is extremely important, and I am deeply grateful that you gave me the opportunity to […]

August 12, 2006 · Ajit · One Comment
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The Flip Side Of Creamy Layer

There are lot of people out there screaming to implement the creamy layer for the proposed quota bill. What that means that the OBCs belonging to creamy layer should not be considered eligible for quota benefits. There are an equal number of people who claim that the creamy layer criteria should not be implemented. In […]

August 9, 2006 · Ajit · 8 Comments
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Reservations – Are the politicians serious about welfare of the backward caste?

Reservations and Indian Politicians I would not like to get into the discussion whether reservation is good or bad for the Indian society but the question I would like to ask is…. Are the Indian politicains serious about the welfare of the backward caste? In my opinion NO. The situation would have been a lot […]

July 16, 2006 · Ajit · No Comments
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