Pink Chaddi Campaign – Reactions.

When the Pink Chaddi Campaign organizer started the campaign to protest the Ram Sene’s moral policing on the Valentine’s day, varied reactions were expected. Some support this, some are amused and some oppose it.

The immediate precursor to this was the Mangalore incident were Ram Sene activists beat up women in the pub to protect the ‘Indian Culture’.

Now there are many critiques on the Pink Chaddi Campaign (PCC) but most of it are bogus. Here are a few.

Don’t they have bigger issues to deal with?

Who is it to decide what is bigger issue? Also, can someone not take up a smaller issue because they are not taking up a “bigger” issue? In my view this is a big issue as it involves the issue of Freedom.

They should also send pink burkas to the terrorists as well.

What the PCC guys are doing are in response to an action from Ram Sene activists. What does that have to do with terrorism? Do the PCC guys have to repond to terrorism in order to be eligible to respond to Muthalik and his Ram Sene?

They are equating pub-culture and being loose with being forward or modern (link via Sandeep).

The PCC guys have put this name because that is the name assigned to them by the moral police and socially conservatives. It is in fact these guys who equate being forward or modern with being loose. The PCC guys have just used the name that have been already given to them.

Why can’t they spend the money to help the poor instead of wasting it on underwear?

For those who seek equivalence in everything- why don’t you ask the same to Ram Sene guys about spending their energies in something constructive. Or ask the Pink Condom Campaign guys the same. Or even Muthalik who is willing to waste money on Sarees as return gifts?

I think it is important to address the core issue instead of getting caught up with the side issues. As Amit Varma rightly gets it – It is not about the Chaddis. It is about freedom to choose be it choice of a lifestyle or even Mathalik’s freedom to protest Valentine’s day. Mathalik is free to protest as long as he is doing so peacefully.

Realty Check has some suggestions for Mr Muthalik in tackling the PCC guys but leaving that aside he points to the part of the problem. He does tie everything to the social justice programmes and in a way he is not off the mark. That is a broader issue that we need to address anyway.

But No matter how you put it but even if others are paying a price for living in a socialist country, it doesn’t mean one should not raise a voice against it.

The Pink Chaddi has grabbed everyone’s attention because of which I think it has been effective in highlighting the issue that they have been trying to address.

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Pink Chaddi Campaign

The Pink Chaddi Campaign is an interesting way to fight the self appointed moral police a.k.a Ram Sene.

What is the Pink Chaddi Campaign?

The Pink Chaddi Campaign kicked off on 5 February 2009 to oppose the Sri Ram Sena. The campaign is growing exponentially (4,500 at this point in the life of our Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women) and that is not surprising. Most women in this country have enough curbs on their lives without a whole new franchise cashing in with their bully-boy tactics. Of course, a lot of men have joined the group as well.

Here is we want to do with the Pink Chaddi Campaign. Join in. Be imaginative, have fun and fight back!

Spread the word and the power of the pink Chaddi. Link via Ultra Violet

Link via

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Blog Hacked – Old Posts Posted Again

I have re-posted some of my old entries as my blog was hacked and some posts deleted because someone didn’t like a post of mine.

Some of you may  get new ping backs because of this. Apologies for that.

The blog was hacked because of a security hole in WordPress. I have upgraded to the latest one and restored the posts.

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OBC Reservations – Supreme Court Verdict

The Supreme court has stayed the implementation of the OBC reservation in its current form.

The Court ruled that the 1931 census could not be a determinative factor for identifying the OBCs for the purpose of providing reservation.

I personally see this as being a good thing in the light of the recent developments. This means that govt will have to first do a study to identify the OBCs and then come up with a proposal. Such a thing is absolutely necessary for a program of this magnitude. As in the past the legislature could have legislated against such a decision and put it in the ninth schedule. But the supreme court recently ruled that anything placed in the ninth schedule is also subject to review.

Difference between reservations for SC/ST and OBCs.

This verdict does not mean that reservations of any kind should be stopped. However there is a huge difference between the reservations for SC/ST and the OBCs. The SC/STs are provided reservation because they have suffered for being SC/ST. Hence they are provided reservations based on the single criteria that they are SC/ST. No other criteria is needed because that one criteria is sufficient. Having said that I believe that even that program can be improved. This program, for all its shortcomings, has worked for SC/STs. It has had its success.

For the OBCs, the reservations are based on the fact that they are socially and educationally backward. If someone needs to get benefited by this program, he needs to be identified and proven that he is backward. For that one needs to collect data. As realitycheck has always pointed out that one needs to identify the beneficiaries in order for a program of this scale to succeed. The Supreme court has basically said the same thing about the data that was collected in 1931. The supreme court has not said NO to reservations. It has asked the govt to prove that the people who will benefit from this are really OBCs. Once the govt. gets into the exercise of identifying the OBCs there will be lot of political repercussions to these. That should be interesting to watch in the coming days.

Verdict like these and proper dealing of the issue of creamy layer would go a long way to ensure that the beneficiaries of this program are the ones that really need it.

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Victim Of A Scam… Almost!

One fine day I get a call from my bank that a certain person was trying to en cash a suspicious check issued from my account to him. When I confirmed that I had not issued any check the bank stopped the check from clearing. It seems the person had got the check as a result of some sweep-stake winnings. When I learned about it I was shocked! I immediately put a hold on my account. Next morning when I logged into my account I saw a pending transaction of 888000.00 dollars. and account showing a balance of -888000.00 dollars. I ran to the bank the very next moment to find out, much to my relief, that it was not an actual transaction. Since I had put my account on hold, the bank had reduced the balance as a security measure. Phew!

Now this is how the whole scam works. A fraud company X got hold of my financial information i.e. my account number and routing number. The company X issued sweep stake winning letter to a person Y. Company X tells person Y that they have won 250,000 USD in sweep stakes. But in order to claim the money, person Y needs to pay a fee of 2500.00 to Company X. Along with the letter Company X issued a Check of 2500.00 to person Y asking them to cash the check and pay them the fee. The check however has all of my bank details, effectively making it as a check issued from my account. The person Y will then cash the check i.e. take money from my account and send it to Company X hoping that they will get 250,000.00 . Once the company X receives the fee person Y never hears from them again. Ever!

I was lucky and I thank the vigilant Bank Of America employees to have caught this and saved me all the trouble.

Who knows how many such letters are in circulation but so far I have seen 3 cases, 2 in New Jersey and one in Texas. I have given all the details to the Police and hope that they will be able to track the culprits. In his own words however, the police officer said that such cases rarely get solved!

Anyway the lessons to learn from this are

  1. Keep your financial information absolutely safe. Shred all documents and never have checks lying around for any one to see the info. You can never be too careful.
  2. If you get a letter and a check do not go and try to cash it because you may land up in trouble. In my case the guys who tried to cash it have been investigated by the police and they are listed on the case with their names and addresses.
  3. Remember Nobody gives you cash for free. Not even as sweepstake winnings! Especially the ones you haven’t participated in.

At the end all is well. I have closed that account. Even though I had to pay penalties for a few bounced checks but it is all set now and things back to normal!

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Shameful Police and Public


Watching this incident make my heart churn. I have witnessed such incident before as well, where a thief has been brutally beaten by the public. I don’t understand why he needs to be beaten to death when he has been overpowered and his hands tied behind his back?

And what about the police? Are they human? How can they even think of such brutality? I thought these things could happen only in the medieval ages or the colonial era. But I was wrong! They happen even now. These policemen need to be put behind bars. And those who are in the video beating the man should be charged and tried.

The bigger problem it highlights is that there is no regard for human life and dignity in India. Life is cheap there.

Sujai has drawn an analogy between this incident and Rang De Basanti. I think to an extent he is justified in doing so. What is not justified is people making it out to be a Muslim/minority issue.

The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) on Wednesday, sought a report from the Bihar government on the police beating of a Muslim man in Bhagalpur.

What is next? “A Hindu mob brutally beats up a hapless Muslim”? This is idiotic!

The NHRC has taken issue with the authorities but how far will it be effective in getting the police behind bars, only time will tell.

related reading – 2S at The Great Indian Mutiny

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7 Teachers beat an 11 Year old for not doing homework

Here is another case of corporal punishment. I think it is high time some serious action was taken against the schools and erring teachers.

IBN Reports

A sixth standard student of the Vinod English High School in Bangalore, Sangeetha was physically tortured by seven of her teachers on Thursday.

The teachers said that Sangeetha hadn’t done her homework well enough. This little girl now has injuries on her head, hands, legs, and back.

“All the subject teachers came and beat me up in front of everyone,” said Sangeetha.

Sangeetha’s parents, distraught at their child’s state, are lashing out at the school authorities.

Says Chairperson, State Women’s Commission, Pramila Nesargi, “The Education Department must suspend the license of the school and see that the school does not function anymore.”

It was only last week that the National Commission for protection of Child Rights directed all states to check incidents of corporal punishment. Yet this brutal incident clearly shows that these directions are yet to be taken seriously.

Instead of closing the schools, the teachers should be suspended and should not be allowed to take up teaching some for at least one year.

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If This Is Not Slavery, What Is?

Times Of India reports

Seven Dalits — Bideshi Nayak, Ramachandra, Sudama, Nilakantha, Sakhi, Sanju and Puspalata Nayak — were ostracised from Goruala village near Puri for refusing to beat drums in a temple — a practice that their forefathers had been doing for ages.

Though about three months have passed since they were ostracised, there seems to be no solution to their woes. “We are not free. In the 21st century we still live like slaves. The upper caste people continue to suppress us. Surprisingly the district administration is laggard in taking any steps,” said Bideshi.

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It’s turn of upper caste to suffer

IBN reports

While Salve had strong opposition to the Central Educational Institution (Reservation for Admission) Act, 2006, senior advocate K Parasaran, appearing for the Tamil Nadu Government said: “They (upper caste) dominated for centuries and now they should suffer.”

Is that the idea behind reservations? Retribution? Dumb advocate doesn’t know why reservations are there in the first place. I wonder how many policy makers understand the reason behind reservations that they so vehemently support.

I think the court is asking the right questions. It is the govt’s responsibility to answer those questions. I think they should come out and present their case strongly or else back out and come back again once they have enough material to make a strong case.

“The identification of OBC must be based on sociological and statistical data. It cannot be on personal expression, data or hunches,” he said adding that “political compulsions are driving the reservation policy.”

“Creamy Layer has no place in the reservation system,” he said maintaining that “reservation has become a measure for entrenched right.”

I totally agree that the current round of reservations are driven by political compulsions. But since it is out there now, the govt should take this opportunity to build a strong case and if they really want they can collect the desired data and I think can still make their case. Even if the govt. is not sincere in its effort, it can still go ahead and collect humongous amount of data and use statistics to derive favorable results. I can bet with such a huge country, the data will have enough points to conclude this way or the other. The amazing part is that govt. has done nothing so far to prove its case other than empty rhetorics.

About the creamy layer, I totally agree. The trouble is setting the right criteria fro creamy layer.

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Insulting A Child Is Also Corporal Punishment

ExpressIndia Link

Making a student kneel down or stand for hours and pinching or slapping him or her could land teachers in trouble as all acts involving insult or humiliation to the child could soon be banned in schools.

NCPCR Chairperson Shantha Sinha has written to all chief secretaries recommending that there should be no gradations while judging corporal punishment and noted that “small acts” should not be condoned as they actually lead to gross violations.

The Commission has enlisted rapping on the knuckles, making students kneel down or stand up for long hours, sitting like a chair and beating up with a scale, pinching and slapping, locking up student alone in classrooms and making a child run in the school ground as forms of corporal punishment.

Among the more serious forms of violence against children that the Commission has taken note of are child sexual abuse, torture, and electric shocks.

It is good to see that some serious thought is being put in this issue. In addition to passing these laws, I think it should be made mandatory to provide a list of such laws to the parents at the time of school admission. The students should also be informed about their rights and existence of such laws. And Above all teachers need to be trained to be better teachers.

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